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    Readers have probably noticed that things look a little different around here.  I’ve been getting my hands dirty in CSS in an attempt to make the site look like one of my posters.  While it’s been a couple of weeks since it started to look different, I only just now made the final tweaks.

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  • I read that Life Magazine has put about 20% of their photos online via Google (with plans for 100% in the next few months), and I immediately thought of the great Lindy Hop photos from the 40′s featuring Leon James, Willamae Ricker, Stanley Catron, and Kaye Popp.

    The simplest search revealed all the photos available from the session, which includes many not featured in the original magazine.

    I then recalled the earlier feature on Frankie Manning, where if memory serves me, a reporter went to a bar where he happened to be dancing and snapped this photo.

    Here are some more quick searches I did:

    Savoy Ballroom, which features a cool costume contest.

    Swing Dancing


    Comment with any other interesting searches you can find!

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