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    I occasionally keep an eye on Ebay for vintage sheet music, dance programs, and other jazz related stuff.  Here are a couple of Savoy Ballroom related items I picked up recently:

    Savoy PostcardSavoy Postcard (Back)

    Images of the inside of the Savoy that aren’t of the dance floor are harder to come by. I do find it kind of odd that the focus of the painting is the ugly chairs and that the view of the dance floor is blocked. You can make out the side-by-side bandstands in the back though.

    Savoy AdvertisementHere is a cool advertisement I found in a fancy dance program. It was titled “Harriman Democratic Club Spring Festival and Dance” and was held at the Audubon Ballroom, Sunday Evening May 19th, 1957. The program is full of pictures of the members of the club, advertisements from local Manhattan businesses, and little else. I’m kind of surprised at how well put together (and hefty!) the program is. 120 pages, printing in blue, black, and silver ink. I think I may remove the Savoy page and frame it.

    Savoy Advertisement (Detail)Here’s the detail of the ad. Love the design. Looks like it was a larger ad that they scaled down for this. I think it’s supposed to say something below the dancers but the print size makes it impossible to make out. At least we can make out “The Home of Happy Feet”!


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    1. Mike – I’m producing a documentary about Chick Webb and The Savoy Ballroom. We’ve filmed with Frankie Manning, Norma Miller, the son of the Savoy’s owner, and other folks who knew Chick or were Savoy regulars. I’m trying to find more visuals – photos, memorabilia, etc. Can you send me you email so I can tell you more about the film? And do you or anyone you know have any images that might help?

      Thanks – Jeff Kaufman

    2. Ah, update: after seeing the ad detail from another source ( http://sitb-images.amazon.com/Qffs+v35lerpzN56QHXG725bIwWk/8Pg3OreYfDq1mvnxVxXS9O8hy+or//pWDYxt18Hl+R+wg0= ), I’m pretty sure it says “140 Street and Lenox Avenue”. It’s still kinda muddy though.

    3. beverly wilburn

      I am a Vintage Couture Consultant…Doing research on Showgirls of African American descent….and would love to know about Your Film and Research………Thanx…..Beverly Wilburn

    4. Hi Beverly,

      Jeff’s film is called The Savoy King. Check it out at http://savoyking.com


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